Football Latest Updates, Live Scores & Text Commentary

By   October 3, 2015


Football is the most popular sports on the earth, watched and followed by billions. There are many types of football, it has different forms and types all around the globe.


The most famous forms of football in different regions are association football (also known as soccer in many countries) in UK, gridiron football in USA & Canada, Australian rules football (or rugby league) in Australia, Gaelic football in Ireland and rugby football (or rugby union) in New Zealand. These are called football codes.

Although there are many differences in football codes but they also have some common elements such as,
Two teams of usually 11 to 18 players.
Ground(defined are in which to play the game.)
Putting the ball between two goalposts (goal or point).
Players being required to move the ball by kicking, carrying or hand passing(depending on the code).

Football Live Scores

Football live scores is a type of services provided by a number of broadcasters, betting operators and sports websites. The main purpose of live scores is to provide latest real time results and information’s. This service is normally free and very popular among the sports fans as they are able to get the real time information’s of their favorite sports even when they are on work or travelling.

In the past football live scores were only available on television or radio. But now there are many sports websites providing this service, you can follow live scores of many matches at same time. Some big websites also provide additional data such as players data, card details, online chat, players and teams forms, league’s point tables etc.

Football Text Commentary

Football text commentary is also a type of service like live scores provided by many sports related websites. The purpose of this service is to provide minute by minute situation of the ongoing football match. This is also very famous among the football fans around the globe because now they can get almost all details and ongoing situations even on their mobiles and tablets. Previously they were only able to get the results or live scores only.

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